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There are a number of initiatives that HCD is currently supporting to empower organisations working in the field of disability and promote their respective roles in carrying out the stipulations within the Law, and specifically to alleviate the added burden brought about by COVID-19 on the voluntary sector, so as to enable the sector and these voluntary organisations to continue providing services to people with disabilities, as required. These initiatives cover the following areas of intervention, as drawn up by the proposals for assistance (due to the impact of COVID-19 on those organisations) which were submitted to HCD:


  • Education
  • Rehabilitation
  • Economic empowerment
  • Protection from violence
  • Awareness and media
  • Early intervention
  • Mental health
  • Reproductive health

These initiatives are as follows:


  • Supporting the projects and programmes of the Al Hussein Society (The Jordan Centre for Training and Inclusion):

Funding the sustainability of the educational, rehabilitation, awareness-raising and training services provided by the society, provided that such services cover the three regions of the Kingdom, via mobile teams equipped with the needed equipment and human resources.

3 Years (2021-2023)



  • Supporting the projects and programmes of Special Education Centre of the Young Muslim Women Association:
    Funding the sustainability of the educational and rehabilitation services provided to students with disabilities within the early intervention, KG, school and vocational training programmes.

3 Years (2021-2023)



  • Supporting the Employment of People with Intellectual Disabilities Project by Sana Association: Providing employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities as well as providing intensive training and job-coaching in the work placements.   



  • Supporting the initiative of the Family and Child Health Institute

Improving the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families via facilitating access to services and information pertaining to reproductive and sexual health, mental health, as well as services relating to protection against gender-based violence and rehabilitation. Finally, through this collaboration, 7 reproductive health centres will be made accessible for people with disabilities per accredited standards.

JD (2021-2023)


  • Supporting the Community Media Network (Radio Al Balad and Amman Net):

Promoting Human Rights and shedding light on the main violations occurring vis-à-vis those rights.

1 year (2021)


  • Supporting the initiative of Habaibna: 

To provide consulting calls services with specialists in the fields of speech, occupational therapy, behavior guidance and special education, during which (1,000) calls were made to provide free remote consultations to families of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, divided within the field of special education and rehabilitation according to the needs of families, for the age group of Age 2 to 25 years

1 Year (2021)


  • Supporting the Lady of Peace Initiative

 To provide vocational training to people with intellectual disabilities, through operating and maintaining the soap factory.

6 Month’s (2021)

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