Access to Services

Enhancing The Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Their Access to The Services in Jordan (ERAS)

This project is implemented by the higher council for the rights of persons with disabilities HCD and funded by Chrestoffel BlindenMission organization CBM. The aim of the project is to enhance the rights of persons with disabilities and their access to services and falls under the umbrella of the Directorate of Independent Living, which always seeks to integrate persons with disabilities into their communities and enable them to be independent in their lives.

The project target three local community associations in three Jordanian governorates: Mafraq, Karak, and Tafila. The project’s various activities are distributed among these associations, including renovation works for the buildings of the aforementioned associations to be accessible to people with disabilities, building the capabilities of the staff of the three associations, provide training on Community Based Inclusive Development CBID to the association’s, and conduct a field survey to identify people with disabilities in association areas and the services provided in those areas. The project activities also include developing a national strategy for inclusive community development and developing standards for service delivery.

It is noteworthy that the project is being implemented over a period of three years, starting from November 23 to October 25

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