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MoU to Ensure that Persons with Disabilities Have Access to the Bus Rapid Transit


The Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Greater Amman Municipality signed a memorandum of understanding today, Sunday, to ensure that accessibility criteria are applied to the Bus Rapid Transit the Greater Municipality of Amman is working on.


This memorandum was signed by His Highness Prince Mired bin Ra’ad Bin Zeid, President of the Council and the Mayor of Amman, Dr. Yousef Al-Shawarbeh. Under this memorandum, the Council will provide technical support and knowledge during the stages of design and implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit project to ensure that it meets the requirements of construction codes for persons with disabilities and accessibility criteria. This would enable persons with different disabilities to access and use bus facilities independently and privately.


His Highness said, “People with disabilities represent a large segment of this society; efforts must be harnessed to provide an enabling environment to help them exercise their rights on an equal basis with others.”


He also expressed his appreciation of the efforts made by the Greater Amman Municipality in implementing projects that serve the general interest of the city. He pointed out that the Council is looking forward to the completion of the Bus Rapid Transit project to provide facilities that serve people with different disabilities.


Dr. Al-Shawarbeh said that the Municipality takes this cooperation with keen interest as it enhances the efforts of the Municipality in creating an appropriate environment for persons with disabilities. It is a qualitative addition to the success of its projects in compliance with the special construction code for persons with disabilities. He values the role of the Council and its efforts in this field.


Al-Shawarbeh pointed out that the Municipality is executing quality public transport projects that took into account the daily needs of the people with different disabilities. He confirmed that the Municipality is working to overcome the challenges and is careful that the facilities of the city are friendly and ready to receive citizens and guests of Jordan with disabilities.


Through the memorandum, the Municipality will provide the necessary arrangements to enable the technical expert from the Council to examine project plans and provide the necessary observations. This would provide access requirements for persons with disabilities to transport means.