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Webinars towards sustainable teaching methodologies responding to COVID-19 impact on education sector, Kingdom


Amman, June 8 2020 - The Ministry of Education  (MOE), in cooperation with the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (HCD) and the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), will convene a series of webinars during the months of June and July of this year, under the slogan "Education for all: sustainable methodologies in response to COVID-19 in Jordan", in line with the ten-year strategy for inclusive education, and in response to  the emergency situation the world is witnessing.
The series of webinars aim to raise awareness of ways and mechanisms to ensure the inclusion of vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized groups and persons with disabilities in educational services provided during the complete lockdown and the nationwide closure of all educational entities, as well as during the subsequent recovery phase. Furthermore, the seminars aim to identify the challenges to the educational process and sector during the pandemic, and the efforts exerted toward raising awareness on inclusion, reaffirming the need to continue such efforts to ensure the provision of educational services are accessible to all students and each group of students in the Kingdom under the umbrella of the ten-year strategy for inclusive education.
 The webinars will discuss topics including "Learning Together: Inclusive Distance Learning Programs"; "Ensuring Psychological and Social Well-being in Teaching and Learning"; "Practical Approaches to Support All Learners Learning from Home", "Best Practices Toward Inclusive Methods from Jordan"; "Roles and Responsibilities: Are Parents the New Teachers?” and “Building a Better Future”.
The series of webinars - which begin on the eighth of June of the current year – will utilize and ensure the provision of reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities through direct writing on the screen, interpretation into sign language, and providing an external link for simultaneous translation into Arabic language given that the language for the webinars is English. All webinars will be recorded, downloaded and presented via specific channels over the web, with Arabic translation on the following link (

HCD Secretary-General, Muhannad Al Azzeh, reiterated the importance of such webinars in creating a space for exchanging and sharing experiences, as well as presenting the most recent pilot practices in education, by and with  stakeholders and partners. He also highlighted the importance of raising awareness of mainstream pre-requisites and requirements within programmes and plans of educational institutions to ensure information is accessible to all students including students with disabilities. Such efforts aim to address the accelerated changes and challenges associated with the pandemic to ensure the continuity of learning and keep abreast with new and innovative remedial forms towards sustainability of the educational process.
MOE Director of the Education Managing Directorate Sami Mahasis stressed the importance of cooperation during this stage on the continuity and sustainability of Education for All, including students with disabilities. The ministry, he said, will continue in that direction and vision through all its personnel and resources. He added that these series of webinars represent an opportunity for everyone to learn more about what is offered to students with disabilities, for improvement and development. 

For her part, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the head of Education Cluster and the project manager for the Promoting Quality in Inclusive Education in Jordan project (PROMISE), Stephanie Petrasch emphasised the significance of these webinars in disseminating knowledge on how to ensure that all learners are being reached in the delivery of educational services, during these difficult times.