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Training course for media professionals on the rights of people with disabilities


The Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (HCD) organized a training course for media professionals on how to address the rights of persons with disabilities in the media.


HCD Secretary-General Muhannad Al-Azzeh, said that media professionals can contribute to support and promote the integration of persons with disabilities in various aspects of life by raising awareness of disability issues and the challenges facing them.


He called for the inclusion of disability issues in the various agendas of media organs, as a human rights issue, and to stories of people with disabilities who have been included into society, highlighting  disability as a part of humanity and human diversity.


He said: The cases of disability are changing variables that are dependent on increased accessibility and the provision of accommodating practices that in and of themselves remove behavioral and environmental barriers.


He pointed out that most of the media coverage focusing on people with disabilities focuses on the disability itself, and not the surrounding environment.


HCD Media Advisor Ziad Moghrabi presented the concepts of disability, integration, inclusion and accessibility, the stereotypical approach adopted in the media towards disability, and how to address such issues using a rights-based approach.


He highlighted the importance of the role of the media in forming public opinion and the impact this has on attitudes towards people with disabilities and changing or reinforcing stereotypes.


It is worth mentioning that persons with disabilities constitute 11.2 per cent of the Kingdom's population; a percentage that excludes children under five years of age, according to the Population and Housing Census of 2015 carried out by the Department of Statistics.