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Prince Mired Discusses the Ten-year Accessibility Plan for People with Disabilities


On Monday, His Highness Prince Mired bin Ra’ad, President of the Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities met with the ministers of Public Works, Housing, Municipalities, Transport, Tourism and the Mayor of Amman. They discussed the preparatory and coordinating steps for developing the ten-year accessibility plan as set in Law (20) of 2017 on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The law is to be completely prepared and set up for implementation in a period that does not exceed September of the current year.


His Highness stressed the importance of enhancing Jordan’s achievements in the field of disability through the activation of the provisions of the new law and setting them up for application, which requires concerted efforts among various parties in this regard.


During the meeting, it was agreed that each of the concerned parties would prepare a ten-year plan and develop practical steps towards it. These steps would be discussed by the various sides during the second week of the following month. This is in addition to strengthening cooperation with international bodies that have extensive experience in the field of accessibility, especially with the Barcelona Municipality in Spain, which launched a program of cooperation and exchange of experiences with the Council and the Greater Amman Municipality almost a year ago.