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Prince Mired Ben Raad honors the efforts of the Civil Service Bureau to support persons with disabilities


In recognition of the efforts of the Civil Service Bureau in providing accessibility and reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities, Prince Mired bin Raad bin Zaid, the president of the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, honored the Civil Service Bureau during a visit to the Public Service Office at the Bureau to see the accessibility and accommodation provided for persons with disabilities.

Within the visit, H.H honored a group of the Bureau employees who are persons with disabilities and distinguished in their work, and those who are not with disabilities and have contributions in the field of supporting and empowering their colleagues with disabilities.

In his speech, H.H appreciated the efforts of the Civil Service Bureau and its employees in promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities in work, as well as the continuous enhancement and development by the Bureau of its services provided to other citizens, including persons with disabilities, and the required infrastructure and provision of reasonable accommodation in the public service center to benefit from the services provided by the office.

During the tour, H.H was briefed on the tasks performed by the employees with disabilities working in the Bureau, which is one of the first government institutions that includes among its employees (27) employees with disabilities, which reflects the Bureau's belief in the right of persons with disabilities to work and their ability to give if the obstacles to their integration into the work environment have removed.

H.H pointed out that the initiative of the Civil Service Bureau is very important, expressing his hope that other institutions and governmental and non-governmental bodies can follow this example to enable persons with disabilities to exercise their rights on the basis of equal opportunities. He stressed on the necessity of the obligation of other governmental and private institutions to implement the obligations imposed by the Law of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on them to allocate up to 4% of vacancies for persons with disabilities and the reasonable accommodation to create a work environment.

H.H praised the steps taken by the government levels to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to all their rights to education, health, work, and others, calling for more efforts to enable persons with disabilities and integrate them more effectively, with the need to include the rights of persons with disabilities on the agendas of government and private institutions, and within their priorities and work goals, and allocating the budgets necessary to implement them.

From his part, the head of the Civil Service Bureau, Sameh Al-Nasser, indicated during his welcoming speech about the office’s pride in this appreciation and the visit of H.H and fruitful work with staff of HCD, indicating that this generous gesture from H.H highlight distinguished government departments and institutions in government that work to strictly enforce the law of Persons with disabilities No. (20) of 2017, and policies and programs approved by the Council and follow up on their implementation with a view to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society, and enabling them after removing obstacles and provide them with their requirements.