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In the Presence of His Majesty the King: Honoring Prince Ra’ad bin Zeid in Recognition of his Long Career/ Journey in Caring for Persons with Disabilities


In a ceremony today, Wednesday, at Al-Husseiniya Palace and in the presence of His Majesty King Abdullah II, His Royal Highness Prince Ra'ad bin Zeid was honored for his great efforts and for his outstanding contributions in caring for persons with disabilities through a process of giving and hard work over many years. His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein, Chairman of the Jordanian Olympic Committee, awarded the International Olympic Committee Award to His Highness Prince Ra’ad. This is an annual symbolic award given to a sports figure, to institutions or to bodies that provided great services to sports and to the Olympic movement in their countries. A number of princes and princesses attended the ceremony. A film highlighted the humanitarian journey of His Highness while caring for persons with disabilities and his role in adopting initiatives and programs that have had a great impact on the integration of this group as active members in society, especially in the field of sports for persons with disabilities. These athletes have realized many noteworthy achievements at the regional and international levels.


HRH Prince Ra’ad expressed his appreciation for receiving this honor and said, “It is the happiest moment of my life to be with Your Majesty and in the company of these kind faces of my beloved country. I extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for this generous gesture from Your Majesty and the Jordan Olympic Committee, chaired by His Highness Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein.” His Highness added that this gesture “is a tribute to every citizen who worked and gave sincerely to dear Jordan. The services I offered in my various positions are the least of my duties towards my country and my King; it is my duty as a Hashemite and as a citizen of this country, which deserves a lot of giving and loyalty from us.” His Highness considers this “an honor to all citizen athletes with special needs who have attained many achievements since the establishment of the Jordan Sports Federation for the Disabled (the Jordan Paralympic Committee) and still continue with more achievements.” He said, “Your Majesty and we have worked along with the sons of Jordan with King Hussein, may God have mercy on him; he was the leader of our journey. Here we are, continuing this journey with Your Majesty on solid bases whose foundations the Late King Hussein laid. With your will and determination and with our loyal Jordanian people behind you, we are determined to continue building this country and making more achievements on all levels so that Jordan becomes an example to be followed in all areas.”


The Secretary General of the Jordan Olympic Committee, Nasser Al-Majali, commended Prince Ra’ad's efforts in caring for persons with special needs. “We meet today at this ceremony to honor His Royal Highness Prince Ra’ad bin Zeid, who has made great efforts over the past years with his sincere work and care to support and empower persons with disabilities and to integrate them into society during his presidency of the Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities and the Jordan Paralympic Committee.” He added that His Highness Prince Ra’ad has contributed to overcoming the obstacles facing people with special needs who have derived their strength from his motivational words and through which they see their future. He prepared the way for the achievements they made in various sports areas and which have become a source of pride for all Jordanians. He expressed the thanks and appreciation of the Jordan Olympic Committee for His Highness Prince Ra’ad’s generosity in serving one of the segments of society and for the great mission that HH performed in all sincerity, perseverance and dedication. His Royal Highness Prince Ra'ad bin Zeid was the President of the Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities and Chairman of the Jordan Paralympic Committee. He founded the Jordan Sports Association for the Disabled in the Kingdom in 1981, and its impact was felt globally. He has been careful to support persons with disabilities and the rights-based approach that the Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities is striving to establish. During his tenure, Jordan won the Roosevelt International Disability Award in 2005. The national teams of people with special needs received numerous medals and titles in Arab, regional and international arenas, and Jordan's athletes with disabilities were able to obtain medals at Paralympic Games.