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MoU for the Development of Diagnostic Standards for Persons with Disabilities


The Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Ministry of Health and the Healthcare Accreditation Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop diagnostic criteria for persons with disabilities.


The agreement was signed by Prince Mired bin Ra’ad bin Zeid, the Council President, Minister Mahmoud al-Shayyab and the Council’s Executive Director Salma al-Ja'ouni.


Under the memorandum, the Council assumes its responsibilities as stated in the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It also trains staff working in the Ministry on diagnostic criteria and their application mechanisms. The Council instructs Healthcare Accreditation Council to develop diagnostic criteria for persons with disabilities, monitors the progress of the work and offers information and data.


The Ministry participates in the development of criteria through a technical committee formed by the Higher Council in order to enable the information council to examine information, data and the followed procedures. It also allows visits to its institutions and centers. The Ministry adopts the diagnostic criteria developed by the Healthcare Accreditation Council and is committed to issuing instructions proposed by the Higher Council and making available halls to trains its staff on these criteria and application mechanisms.


Under the memorandum, the Ministry shall identify medical bodies accredited for the purposes of examination of persons with disabilities. It will also issue medical reports for the purpose of issuing their identification cards, health insurance and access to other specialized services and exemptions provided for by law.


The Healthcare Accreditation Council shall develop criteria for the diagnosis of various disabilities in accordance with the definition of the person with a disability as provided for by law. This will be included with the professional requirements that are clear to the diagnosing authorities. The Council will also develop indicators to measure the effectiveness and impact of the diagnostic criteria and the bodies that perform them.


It commits to training the staff of the Ministry and the Higher Council on the criteria that should be delivered in their final form within a period that does not exceed six months from the date of signing the memorandum.