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Meeting to prepare the UPR Review Report on Human Rights


The Standing Committee on Human Rights and the Drafting Committee met at the headquarters of the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (HCD) to prepare the final report on the Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights (UPR).


The Human Rights Government Co-ordinator and HCD Vice-President, Basel Al-Tarawneh, said that the committee will today finalize an important report that reflects the Jordanian government's desire to promote the human rights process. The committee will deliver it through official channels and protocols to the Secretariat of the Human Rights Council in Geneva on the10th of August 2019, pointing out the great efforts and quality that have been made in recent months leading to a product that is worthy of Jordan’s international standing and reputation.


He added that the report will discuss all the recommendations agreed upon by Jordan in accordance with international treaties and conventions to which the Kingdom is a signatory. Some of the 126 recommendations were implemented, while others were partially so, in accordance with programs and plans developed accordance with the nature and specifics of the Jordanian state. He also underscored the fact that the report reflects the status quo, with transparency and truth –and not painting an unreal or rosier picture than what actually exists,


Al-Tarawneh said that the preparation of the report included consultations and meetings with several institutions and organizations of civil society concerned with the aim of producing a national report that achieves all that is best for citizens and residents in Jordan, after taking into account the ideas and observations provided by these leading institutions and including them in the report. The report will take into account the issue of refugees and humanitarian crises of refugees and the burdens and challenges facing Jordan in this regard. He called on the international community to support the Kingdom in shouldering this responsibility.


For his part, HCD Secretary-General, Muhannad AlAzzeh, praised the efforts made by the Jordanian State in all its official, national and private institutions to produce a quality and distinguished report expressing the respectable reputation enjoyed by the Kingdom among international circles.


Al Azzeh said that the previous consultations witnessed a real expression of the progress made, and the advanced and democratic state apparatus in all its institutions through holding many meetings with civil society organizations as a key partner in the development and prosperity of society.


A number of participants talked about the most important features in the report, the format, and the final version that will come out.