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An introductory meeting on the procedures for appointing persons with disabilities in the Civil Service Bureau


In partnership and coordination with the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Arab Network for Civil Education "Anhur" held a meeting to introduce the mechanisms and procedures for appointing persons with disabilities in the Civil Service Bureau.

The representative of the Civil Service Bureau, Nael Al-Masry, stated that the appointments based on humanitarian cases, for which 16% of all vacancies are allocated in government departments, are approved by the Humanitarian Cases Committee which was formed according to the approved selection and appointment instructions.

He explained that there are three categories of humanitarian cases approved for appointment by the Civil Service Bureau, which are: those who have one or more poor family members receiving regular monthly aid from the National Aid Fund; those who are people with disabilities per the legal definition within the Law [on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and one of the family members who have four of their sons and daughters, with qualifications, who applied for employment at the Bureau. He pointed out that the adoption of a further four new cases will take place after the issuance of the competitive disclosure for the year 2020.

Al-Masri said that competition between applicants for appointments within the humanitarian cases category takes place per the date of the application, and that the available vacancies are nominated according to the established percentages allocated within the humanitarian cases category, and in accordance with the number of vacancies and specialties in the required geographical area.

The meeting came within the framework of the Inclusive Workplace Project for Persons with Disabilities, which was launched by the Network last year in partnership with the Council, aiming at enhancing the access of persons with disabilities to employment opportunities in the regions of Eastern Amman and the Central Badia by activating the Equal Opportunities Committee, which was established in accordance with the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities No. 20 of 2017.

The meeting was held to enhance the participatory approach between governmental and civil society institutions, and to introduce associations working in the disability field to the mechanisms and procedures pertaining to the employment of persons with disabilities in the Civil Service Bureau.