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HCD honors the volunteers of Al- Baseera initiative


The Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (HCD) organized a ceremony for the volunteers of the Al- Baseera initiative; a community-driven initiative to record school curricula in audio format to enable students with visual disabilities to pursue study remotely like others.
His Royal Highness Prince Mired Raad Zeid Al-Hussein, HCD president, commended the role played by the volunteers of the Al-Baseera initiative, stating: “I feel proud and happy every time an initiative that works with persons with disabilities, their families or their supporters appears, seeking to promote their rights in our society and works to provide all what would achieve equality and equal opportunities for them. "
On his part, HCD Secretary-General also praised the Al-Baseera initiative, saying: “Al-Baseera is an initiative that deserves appreciation and support, as it has provided the Council with the provision of school curricula since the beginning of the lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, which had a great impact in providing school curricula in an accessible manner for people who are blind.
Sura Khuzai, Director of the Al-Baseera Initiative, said, "Al-Baseera initiative targets blind students, as we found that school’s curricula are not available to blind students as they are to other students. So, it was necessary to provide a means to enable blind students to keep up with the educational process."
Through this initiative, the volunteers worked to record school curricula in the form of audio files, and then submit the files to HCD, with the organization, then uploading them to its website to make them available to all. 
It is noteworthy to mention that, since the beginning of the pandemic, HCD has provided school curricula in Sign language as well, and these have been uploaded to its website to make them available to deaf people.