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The HCD Condemns an Attack on a Person with Disabilities


Amman, 8 January - The Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities issued a statement on Monday about a video circulated on social media sites showing an attack on a person who appears to have disabilities.


The statement said that the Council was very concerned and regretful about the video clip while it praised the fast and immediate response of the security services to verify the video and track the perpetrators, if proven valid.


In the statement, the Council stressed the importance of dealing firmly with such flagrant violations affecting persons with disabilities. It underscored that the recent amendments to the Penal Code consider disability an aggravating circumstance in crimes of abuse and that the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has criminalized all acts of violence against persons with disabilities. The Council, in cooperation with various governmental and non-governmental bodies, seeks to raise awareness and acceptance of the rights of persons with disabilities, particularly as they are part of diversity and natural differences. It is important to recognize their rights and freedoms and to enable them to exercise these on an equal basis with others and without any form of discrimination.