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Consultation meeting on the ten-year strategic plan for inclusive education


(Amman )The Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities launched the first consultative and dialogue meeting on the 10-year strategic plan for inclusive education, with the participation of a number of persons with disabilities, their families and organizations.


The meeting is part of a series of consultative and dialogue meetings to raise awareness of the plan, a process which included the active involvement of persons with disabilities and organizations working in disability issues. The event aimed to ensure their participation in the development and policy development process of plans and strategies on the rights of persons with disabilities.


The event included a presentation on the main points of the strategic plan for inclusive education, its objectives, and its process of developmentDiscussions on the main elements of the law on the rights of persons with disabilities pertaining to education, also took place, with the aim of making recommendations for inclusion in the 10-year strategy for inclusive education, as well as for feedback purposes.